Youth Delegation to Kiribati

In late 2014, President Anote Tong of Kiribati and his policy advisor Andrew Teem responded to a question, “What can Kiwis do to help I-Kiribati in the face of climate change?”

The answer was to tell people about Kiribati. “Many people do not know we exist. Many people do not know that we are effected by climate change. We need help to adapt and to migrate in dignity when the time comes… Bring people to Kiribati, people of influence. Tell our story.”

Since then, Damaris Kingdon with the support of the Sydney based Pacific Calling Partnership, (ER Justice Centre) has worked to assemble a youth delegation to go to Kiribati.


In February 2017, a group of 6 young people will will head to this stunning Pacific country that covers  3.5 million sq/kms of ocean, clinging to life on 33 tiny atolls.

Led by David Tong, executive officer of P3, the team is made up of the following members: Maddie Little – Community Development student at Victoria University, Devon Hanna – Photographer and Community Studies Masters student at Auckland University, Juan Ma – Videographer and documentary maker at Mediaworks, Benjamin Brooking – Freelance videographer and musician Jamie McDell,  will travel together with Phil Glendenning and other members of the Pacific Calling Partnership to investigate what an answer to President Tong’s request might look like in physical reality.

In way of preparation, the P3 + PCP delegation has connected up with Rae Bainteti and the Kiribati Children’s campaigners.  Together they are raising funding to first bring a group of young I-Kiribati to New Zealand next month and then the Kiwi delegation out to Kiribati in return.


Donate here to help the this wonderfully unique I-Kirbati team  come to New Zealand.

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