Workshops 2019



At the conference when you check-in on the Saturday morning, you can select individual workshops from any of the strands. 2019 includes a new strand for secondary school students to consider their issues. However there will be a set number of places for each workshop.
Strand A – Education theme
* Workshop A01:  Inclusiveness in an Edmund Rice School
* Workshop A02:  Edmund Rice values in Education
* Workshop A03:  Addressing New Zealand’s issue of bullying
* Workshop A04:  Developing leaders for Edmund Rice schools
Strand B – ER Camps theme
* Workshop B01:  Safeguarding Children
* Workshop B02:
* Workshop B03:
* Workshop B04:
Strand C – ER Secondary school student forums
* Workshop C01:  Special student centred topic
* Workshop C02:  Special student centred topic
* Workshop C03:  Special student centred topic
* Workshop C04:  Special student centred topic
Strand D – General theme
* Workshop D01:  Understanding Happiness
* Workshop D02:  Manaakitangi and the Environment
* Workshop D03:  Hospitality – a John of God approach
* Workshop D04:  The wisdom of Kaumatua – Our Elders