Immersions are a name given to a cross-cultural experience when an individual or group allows themselves to be ‘immersed’ in the lived reality of others. This type of journey can take place locally and internationally and can last from a couple of days up to a number of weeks or months.

An immersion experience is usually quite transformative to an individual’s perspective and a deeper appreciation for life, diversity and respect for others is often the result.

Here is list of schools and organisations currently offering Immersion Programmes/Experiences:

St Peter’s College, Auckland – for senior secondary students to India (biennially) and the Philippines (also biennially) Contact: Hayden Kingdon

St Thomas of Canterbury College, Christchurch – for senior secondary students to India (biennially) and the Philippines Contact: Marty Taylor

Edmund Rice Justice Trust Aotearoa – for young adults (in development)

Edmund Rice Oceania – National ERN Support Office – Preparation and debriefing package for groups seeking to undertake an immersion experience.  Contact: Cathy Harrison

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